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Organisation Review

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Ask us for a free review. We can help you discover your vision for your organisation and connect you with people and resources to accelerate your growth.

Members Forum

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Our network forum is where you can share ideas, ask other for advice and connect with other organisations. Together we are stronger.


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As a network, we can access supplies, services, energy and equipment at a lower cost than organisations can access on their own – leaving you with more to spend on mission.

Directory of Ministries & Services

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Search for ministries, services and trusted traders – we can connect you.  We partner with businesses that offer good quality, low cost options and those who understand the needs of local churches, charities and businesses.

Administration Outsourcing

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We know that admin can place a strain on your organisation. We can undertake admin functions on your behalf. This can often work out more cost effective than funding services locally.

Do You Need Extra Help & Support?

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If you need specific help – we can connect you with other organisations and services you may be unfamiliar with. Please contact us with you specific requirements and we will help. 

Let us complete a free review of your organisation to discover ways we can help you in your mission

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